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Peaceful, Historic Community Cemetery in Prince George, Virginia

A community cemetery in Prince George County, Virginia, Merchants Hope Memorial Gardens is the only privately-owned-and-operated perpetual care cemetery in this area. Our 10 acres of developed grounds will never become overgrown. We also have 19 more acres to be developed.

A Bit about Our History

Merchants Hope in Prince George County, is adjacent to the historic Merchants Hope Episcopal Church, which was erected in 1657 and is cited as the oldest Protestant Church still having services in the original building. In 1957, the church purchased the land, now known as, Merchants Hope.
For several years, Merchants Hope Church Foundation used the cemetery as a nonprofit business to fund upkeep and maintenance of the church. Although no longer affiliated with the church, the cemetery still shares the peaceful, historic and country atmosphere.
Memorial Cemetery - Merchants Hope Memorial Gardens in Hopewell, VA

Why Choose Us?

  • We Are a Perpetual Care Cemetery
  • Owner Financing with Low Monthly Payments Available
  • Free Spaces Offered to Military Personnel
Contact us at (804) 458-6197 to learn more about our community cemetery and burial grounds.


Merchants Hope Memorial Gardens is dedicated to the families we serve with the creation of a haven of hope and peace. Providing a place of consolation and inspiration for the living as well as a worthy dedication to those who have gone before is the ever guiding concept of our memorial gardens.
Ask yourself these questions while choosing the cemetery that's right for you!
Q. What is the ability of the cemetery personnel to serve your needs?
A. Merchants Hope Memorial Gardens has several family service counselors that are licensed by the cemetery board. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 10 am to 5 pm and weekends and evenings by appointment. We also provide flexible hours and are willing to set appointments outside of normal business hours.
Q. What is the flexibility of the cemetery personnel to provide personal service?
A. Merchants Hope Memorial Gardens is the only family owned cemetery in the Tri Cities area. This allows for flexibility. We are the only cemetery in the area that honors our veterans by giving them a free space. There are various types of burial services available to include: Interments Entombments and Inurnments. We are available to provide various types of markers and memorials to include but not limited to: flat bronze, granite uprights, private estates and cremation benches.
Q. What is the extent of perpetual care provided?
A. Merchants Hope Memorial Gardens has a maintenance staff that has several years of experience. Grass cutting and weed eating are done on a regular basis, as well as removing grass clippings from the markers and memorials. Our staff takes pride in their work and strive to keep the grounds well maintained.
Q. What is the future possibility of maintaining a peaceful and tranquil setting?
A. Merchants Hope Memorial Gardens is a perpetual care cemetery located in the heart of Prince George County. It is on a quiet country road, free of excess traffic and businesses. There are no future business developments in the area, as we are adjacent to the historic, Merchants Hope Episcopal Church and to residential homes. Our cemetery has 10 developed acres and 20 undeveloped as well as a cremation garden. Plans are currently underway for the development of a community mausoleum and a pet cemetery. We take pride in the fact that Merchants Hope Memorial Gardens is so peaceful and it's our goal to keep it that way!